Heart disease is the biggest single cause of death in Nottingham and some ethnic communities are more at risk than others. According to NHS Nottingham City, heart related death rates are probably double in our South Asian and African Caribbean communities, compared to the general Nottingham population, and those populations are also three times more likely to develop diabetes.

The good news is, heart disease is treatable, and also very preventable, but do people know how to prevent it? Hearts and Minds can show you how!

This website contains all the information about Hearts and Minds events and activities, past and present, as well as live blogs direct from events and conferences!


– To identify approaches that work in relation to promoting heart health in Nottingham’s visible and non-visible diverse Black and minority ethnic communites.

– To agree what we can do to improve heart health in Nottingham.

To find out about the Hearts and Minds Community Conferences, click here.

Or click here to find out about our community volunteer teams, known as the Love Hearts.

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